Important Notice: As of August 2018 the Readynet service is no longer available.

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Readynet provides emergency preparedness planning and assembles, stores and shares emergency management information about -

  1. Sites e.g. schools, rest homes, hotel/motels, Marae, hospitals businesses etc
  2. Groups e.g. Neighbourhood Support, community, Health, Tangata Whenua and special Interest groups etc

Readynet users from sites and groups can receive Alerts by text message and email.

Readynet is a powerful emergency management tool. It is available for use by Councils and the Emergency Services.

Readynet contributes to a more emergency prepared and resilient New Zealand

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To encourage preparedness and enhance response, participating Councils provide the Readynet service free of charge to all schools, childcare facilities, rest homes, hotel/motels, etc, any businesses or groups in their area.ind out how to login


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