The New Zealand School Trustees Association recognises the benefits of Readynet and has recommended that schools connect to Readynet. The early version was the Benchmark for Emergency Preparedness which migrated to a web based service in 2004.

Readynet is a smart and easy to use, secure, web based service. It provides all the necessary guidelines and help to complete an EMERGENCY ACTION GUIDE for the school. Because all the emergency information is stored online, that information is always available for updating or editing and can’t be lost due to on-site hardware failures or loss of the printed documents.

Connected schools can also receive Alerts as generated through Readynet by the Emergency Operations Centres (Civil Defence HQ) of participating Councils.

Local Government on Line – LGOL
LGOL provides internet related services and solutions to the local government sector. Readynet is sponsored by LGOL who encourage Local Authorities throughout New Zealand to adopt Readynet for community use.

Local Councils can then provide the Readynet service throughout their city, district, urban, rural or remote communities free of charge.
City / District wide use of Readynet means all schools, rest homes, work places, Neighbourhood Support, special interest, health, cultural and community groups, organistaions and /or businesses can connect to Readynet without cost. This encourages and improves emergency preparedness and provides the community with the relevant tool using the Readynet service.
Using Readynets data sharing functionality, participating Council’s Civil Defence Emergency Operations centres can then find all the important information about people in their community required in an emergency. They can use this information when responding to or planning a response to emergencies.

Readynet is available free of charge through the following Councils. See the registration page for more details.

  • Auckland

  • Bay of Plenty Region:
    Kawerau District - Opotiki District - Rotorua District - Tauranga City - Westen Bay of Plenty District - Whakatane District

  • Christchurch City

  • Porirua City

Alerts and warnings can be issued via Readynet by these particiapting Councils about emergency events in the local area.

Any site or organisation outside of these particiapting Councils can subscribe for the Readynet service - see the Register page for details

Readynet information is only used for emergency management purposes.

Emergency Services
Readynet data is shared with  Police 111 Call centres. Data can be shared with District Health Boards in the event of an epidemic or major civil defence event where information sharing would be beneficial to the community.



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