What is Readynet?

Readynet - is a simple web-based application which asks people in the community to populate and maintain a database with the information which will help both them and Emergency Services in the event of an emergency. Readynet assembles stores and shares emergency management information about user sites or groups – e.g. schools, early childcare centres, aged care, accomodation and tourist facilities, neighbourhood support and community groups etc

Easy to use online templates are provided to guide you through the emergency planning process. Once completed; the Readynet Emergency Action Guide for your site can be downloaded and printed.

Readynet provides a nationally consistent framework for emergency preparedness.

This arrangement means that

  1. The Right information - emergency details are assembled
  2. For the Right people – at your site or group and for emergency response personnel
  3. In the Right place – hard copies at your site and online for you and the emergency services
  4. At the Right time – when an emergency occurs or threatens.

Whether it’s a flood, landslide, accident, chemical leak, intruder etc you need to be prepared and have all the relevant information at hand.

Readynet helps you achieve that preparedness and shares that information with emergency services.


Readynet users can receive emergency information and Alerts. This provides Readynet users with the ability to receive warnings and information about emergency events in their area.

Download an About Readynet fact sheet here


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